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The TUSD Governing Board adopted a revised school council policy (CFC ARS 15-351 http://www.azleg.state.az.us/ars/15/00351.htm) December 13th 2005 replacing CFC ARS 1115. From this adoption, the School Council Support Committee encouraged all TUSD school councils to apply to participate in piloting the implementation of the new policy. After a successful 2005-2006 pilot with 19 school councils, six additional schools joined the pilot in 2006-2007, with a total of 25 school councils participating in the pilot. The participating school councils are:

Bloom ElementaryMansfeld Middle
Borton ElementaryNaylor Middle
Brichta ElementaryOchoa Elementary
Cholla HighRoskruge Middle
Dietz ElementarySahuaro High
Dodge MiddleSafford Elementary
Erickson ElementaryTownsend Middle
Fruchthendler ElementaryTucson Magnet High
Gale ElementaryUniversity High
Grijalva ElementaryUtterback Middle
Howell ElementaryVail Middle
Lineweaver ElementaryWhite Elementary
Magee Middle

The Expanded Support Team met throughout various times of the 2006-2007 school year to facilitate the school council policy with the new pilot schools. Meetings were focused on how to best facilitate school councils with the new policy including revising the waiver and evaluation processes, reviewing waivers schools had submitted for approval, and scheduling and preparing training sessions for school council members. The Support team met during the following times:

August 16, 20061010 E 10th St -2006-2007 expansion of pilot project to more TUSD schools
-SharePoint capabilities
-preview of training
-Discussion of scheduled meetings with Principals during September Key Topics with Principals
August 30, 20061010 E 10th St -Principal meetings
-Responses from schools
-letter of invitation to participate in the 2006-2007 pilot
September 13, 20061010 E 10th St -Fruchtendler waiver
-Plan for September training session
September 27, 20061010 E 10th St -School Council Waiver-Tucson Magnet High School
-School Council Expanded support team (election of chairperson and schedule meetings
October 11, 20061010 E 10th St -SharePoint training
October 26, 20061010 E 10th St -Selection of officers for School Council Expanded Support Team
-Schedule future Expanded Support Team meetings
-Planning of November 29th training
December 20061010 E 10th St -Merging of the School Council Support Team and the Expanded School Council Support Team
January 11, 20071010 E 10th St -Overview and history of current Evaluation process
-A member of Ochoa's Council will share their use of the Evaluation tool
February 1, 2007Ochoa Elementary School -Six new schools joined the pilot
-Establish group norms
-Update on SharePoint
February 14, 2007Ochoa Elementary School -Upcoming training preparation
-Roles and responsibilities of SCST
-Discuss waiver process/ reallocation of FTE's
-Discuss and approve School Council waiver for Fruchthendler
March 8, 2007Ochoa Elementary School -Finalize March 22nd training sessions
-Update School Council waiver form
-Assign schools to Expanded Support Team Members
April 11, 2007Ochoa Elementary School -Review, discuss and approve waivers posted on SharePoint
-March 22nd Training reflections
-Assign schools to Expanded Support Team Members
-One new school joined the pilot
-Discussion of bringing all TUSD School Councils on board with the new policy
-Plan 2006-2007 Pilot Report for the Governing Board
- Plan trainings held for School Council Members at Back to School Conference
April 26, 2007Ochoa Elementary School -Discuss the Expanded Support Teams approval/denial process for waivers
-Discuss and approve School Council waivers for Sahuaro, Fruchthendler, Davis, Ochoa, Dietz, and Borton
-Discuss new Evaluation process
-Plan training for School Council Members at Back to School Conference
May 31, 2007Ochoa Elementary School -Discuss waiver process and set structure
-Discuss 2006-2007 Pilot report for the Governing Board
-Discuss and approve School Council waiver for Bloom
July 19, 2007Ochoa Elementary School -Assign school to Expanded Support Team Members
-Update Back to School Conference presentations
-Strategy sessions for 2007-2008 training sessions
-Budgets to support School Councils
School Council Member Trainings

Two School Council training sessions were held at Tucson Magnet High School during the 2006-2007 school year. The purpose of the trainings was to provide information to the school councils who had joined the pilot process in 2006-2007 and provide new information to the School Councils who had joined the pilot in 2005-2006. The School Council training sessions were held at the following times:

November 2006Tucson Magnet High School -SharePoint-technology Collaborative training
-Budget and Reallocation of Funds/FTEs
-School Councils Personnel Decisions/Scope of Decision Making
-Open Meeting Law
March 22, 2007Tucson Magnet High School -Open Meeting Law
-TUSD Goals (Intercultural Proficiency
-Data Analysis (TUSDStats)
-Finance/School Tax Credit
-Human Resources/Personnel
-School Waivers: How does it impact Food Services and Transportation?

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